Armenia, one, who didn't know a death for you in danger and will not want to die tomorrow isn't your son, isn't an Armenian.

G. Nzhdeh






Unbreakable spirit of the Armenian soldier and a preference for country of his own personality were bright guarantee of victory of the Armenian people for centuries, and so is now. Artsakh liberation struggle was full of tragic events and countless victims, and of course the irreversible consequences. Only courage helped to gain the victory, freedom and independence of the Motherland. Unfortunately, we had many victims and injured, due to which now we have a home country, national values and national portrait. The names of our friends will remain forever in our history , they were and are a worthy example of service to the Motherland and loyalty to the military oath. These ideas combine all the Armenian people, and the Freedom Fighters bring together under one word, which we call a brother. Word meaning is a little different from the usual and perhaps it is understood only for them. From this fraternal unity was born the idea of creating “Satar”, which was realized in 2012. The founders of "Satar" set a goal to support those, who returned from the war disabled. But patriot doesn't care where the Armenian became disabled or which type of help he needs, The son of the country ,and he needs support. Thus, the organization is expanding its activities without separating not a single Armenian who needs support. Finding like-minded friends all over the world "Satar" started its' patriotic activities.

Armenian ,your Patriotism is suspected , when the meaning of your existence, and the flag is not your homeland.