The purpose and objectives

The purpose of "Satar" NGO for disabled is to carry out patriotic activities and support people with disabilities in accordance with established law and with the Charter of the NGO in territories of RA and Nagorno-Karabakh, cooperating with government agencies, local self-government bodies and interested organizations.
For implementation of this problem, we propose the following problems:

  • Implement patriotic activity
  • Support the soldiers’ families, died in the liberation war of Artsakh, war participants and disabled to solve socio-economic issues
  • Contribute to the solution of health, healthy lifestyles and other social issues of socially vulnerable groups (individual)
  • Put forward new ideas and problems corresponding to organization purposes and find effective solutions suitable to modern scientific procedures

Problems arising from the implementation of the objectives of the organization

  • Support the formation of healthy lifestyle, strengthening and maintaining the health of citizens
  • Direct the interests of society to health, sports and sphere of rest
  • Implement charitable projects directed to organization member socially disadvantaged families and their social and legal issues
  • Organize seminars, round tables
  • Support to the creation of material and technological base directed to Paralympic sports
  • Maximum encourage the development of new approaches and methods of social work, which are necessary to meet the needs of new and existing needs
  • Implement publishing activity